Your arrangement with Mr. Fast Lube

Mr. Fast Lube franchisees have more opportunities than ever to grow their businesses. The many fast lube opportunities available through our low-cost approach include urban and rural areas, as well as new and unique locations that are convenient for our customers.

Mr. Fast Lube is successful because it involves a mixture of system standards and individual opportunities. As a franchisee, you agree to work within the Mr. Fast Lube System.

Mr. Fast Lube franchisees must personally devote their full time and best efforts to the day-to-day operation of the business. You cannot qualify for a franchise if you intend to be an absentee or part-time owner.

Only individuals can qualify for a franchise. Mr. Fast Lube does not grant franchises to corporations or partnerships.

The franchise agreement allows you to operate a specific Mr. Fast Lube, according to Mr. Fast Lube standards, for a period of your life time.

Mr. Fast Lube, at franchisees own expense will locate, develop, construct, equip, and stock the fast lube under its own direction based on a development plan which seeks to be responsive to changing demographic factors, customer convenience, and competition.

To maintain uniformity, franchisees must use Mr. fast Lube:

  1. methods of operation, inventory control, bookkeeping, accounting, and marketing
  2. trademarks and service marks
  3. concepts for fast lube design, signage, and equipment layout

As a franchisee, you must operate the franchise according to Mr. Fast Lube standards - Quality Service, Cleanliness, and Value.





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